Terms and Conditions

  1. Personal details are mandatory and should be accurate (Name, Mobile Number, DOB, Email ID).
  2. Personal PAN Number should be provided, in case of mismatch your Add2Earn account will be suspended till further clarifications.
  3. Bank account details should match with the Add2Earn account holder, in case of Current account of any Proprietorship / Partnership firm you have to submit the Firm registration certificate where account holder name should be mentioned as a partner or proprietor as on PAN card.
  4. In case of Current account of any PVT LTD / LLC. Company you have to submit the company registration (ROC – Registrar of Companies) certificate where account holder name should be mentioned as a Director as on PAN card.
  5. Any Individual/Investor/Member investing 2000 INR or more has to introduce three members immediately with the same investment to get profits as per UINP (Unique Investment Network Plan) by Add2Earn.
  6. As per Add2Earn we recommend every Individual/Investor/Member to introduce further three Members/Investors very next day to get profit on other next day and invest again on that next day to get more and more profit on every alternative days( Ex: One Individual/Investor/Member is investing 2000 INR on 1st of any month , he/she needs to( recommended) introduce three Investor/Member on 2nd of same month (which is very next day) with same investment of 2000 INR by each Investor/Member , if he/she does the same he/she will get his/her returns/profits on 3rd of same month which is other next day.
  7. As per paragraph 6 of T&C same process is applicable for each and every Individual/Investor/Member whether any Individual/Investor/Member is new joinee or doing investment again under any other member.
  8. In any case Individual/Investor/Members are liable for getting profits only after completing the network of three Investor /Member in terms of their joining and investments.
  9. Recommended for every Individual/Investor/Member to join Add2Earn with only one ID as Investor/ Member, in case Add2Earn find any kind of duplicacy such as PAN Card, Bank Account, Name, Date of Birth, Mobile number etc.Add2Earn has complete rights to suspend /block such Individual/Investor/Member ID without any notice and to seize their payments.
  10. Each and every Individual/Investor/Members are liable to pay income tax as per Income Tax Department laws on any income/ profits gained from Add2Earn.
  11. Any disputes will be entertained under Delhi jurisdiction.

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