What is Add2Earn?

    Add2Earn : It is a UINP (Unique Investment Networking Plan) where any Individual/Investor/Member can join with minimum investment of 2000 INR and introduce three Investors/Members and earn 4000 INR in just two days. Add2Earn is a trademark of M/S Sniftech (Registered under registrar of companies)

    How Add2Earn works?

    Add2Earn : It is very simple and short process, once you Sign-up/Register with with your basic details you have to make online payment of Rs.2000 and after confirmation you will get access to open your Add2Earn account/profile with your sign-in credentials. After sign-in you can go to Dashboard and update your profile with mandatory fields (PAN number, Bank Account Details..etc.) After updating profile you can invite three new Investors/Members through your Dashboard itself. Your invitees will get one SMS with ID/Referral code after that they have to go through with the same Sign-up/Register process. Once your invitees complete their sign-up/registration process along with payment of Rs.2000 each on next day you will be eligible for a return/payout of Rs.4000. Now here you got the profit of Rs.2000 within just two days with a nominal investment of Rs.2000. Now you can ask any of your invitees who are your down members/stars now to invite you again under them (You can only get invite from one member/star). It will go like this further.

    What is ID/Referral code?

    Add2Earn : Once you done with registration and payment process very first time with , you will be assigned unique ID which you can see on your Dashboard in View Profile option.

    How to join Add2Earn?

    Add2Earn :To join Add2Earn you need to go to and complete your sign-up/register process with your investment of Rs.2000 on given payment gateway with your Debit Card/Credit Card/Net banking/UPI Code.

    How much an Individual/Investor/Member can earn in a month?

    Add2Earn :Here we do not have any time limit to invite three Investors/Members but if any Individual/Investor/Member follows the Add2Earn format which is under stable as below- Here we would like to explain you the format with example which make you more understand One Individual/Investor/Member invests RS.2000 on 1st of any month or any day and inviting three further Investors/Members just after investment through our invite member option. Now all three invitee Investors/Members have to sign-up/register and make payment of Rs.2000 each with in next day which is second day of the month. After this activity/process by your invitee Investors/Members you are eligible of your return/payout of Rs.4000 on next day which is 3rd day of the month. Now here you are investing Rs.2000 1st of month and getting return/payout on 3rd of month , you can ask any one of your invitee Investor/Member to invite you again on 3rd day of the month once you get your return/payout to get into investing and getting return/profit again. Here each Individual /Investor/Member needs to understand that you are investing your Rs.2000 on every odd days (1, 3, 5...etc.) of month and your invitee Investor/Member doing sign-up payment on next even days (2, 4, 6...etc.) of month, you will get your return/profit on next odd days (3, 5, 7 ,9...etc.). It’s very much clear each Individual/Investor/Member Started a minimum investment of Rs.2000 on 1st Inviting three Investors/ Members on 2nd Getting return/profit Rs.4000 on 3rd Keeping Rs.2000 safe and investing Rs.2000 out of Rs. 4000 on 3rd Inviting same three or new Investors/ Members on 4th Getting return/profit Rs.4000 on 5th Keeping Rs.2000 safe and investing Rs.2000 out of Rs. 4000 on 5th It will goes like this....... You can earn more by adding stars under you

    Do we need to sign-up/register every time?

    Add2Earn : No, you will have to register once either you sign-up individually or come under any existing member.

    Why Add2Earn is asking for PAN and Bank account details?

    Add2Earn :Every transaction done through Add2Earn is legal and white, so to avoid any fraudulent activities we need the same.

    Is it safe to share the PAN and Bank details?

    Add2Earn : Yes, your data will be safe and secure.

    Can we register this by paying in cash?

    Add2Earn : No, all the payment will be done via Given Banks Details On WebSite. Overall no cash transaction, so if anyone ask you to become Investor/Member by paying cash please report us on

    Are Investors/Members liable to pay any tax on their profit/return?

    Add2Earn : You can invest your profit/return under 80c (Mutual fund, Insurance...etc.) and remaining are liable to pay tax as per Income Tax Department, India.

    Is it possible to change account details after some time?

    Add2Earn : Any individual Investor/Member can change account details at any time through Edit profile but you will have to write mail on to update the same.

    If you have any other query please feel free to write us on

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